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Next Sunday


  • September 27, 2020
    • Next Sunday:  Scripture: Philippians 2:1-13; Message: “Reenactors or Actors?”  We say, without thinking, “I’ve been slaving away all day,” but there are invisible slaves in our midst for whom these words are not a figure of speech.  Nor was it a figure of speech for Jesus, who, according to the Apostle Paul, did not count equality with God as something to take advantage of, but took on the form of a slave and died a slave’s death.  Our communion service makes us reenactors of the Love Feast, when Jesus performed the slave task of washing the feet of the disciples.  But though we seek to re-enact a crucial moment in the life of Jesus, we remain tourists to the Last Supper because most of us can turn this off whenever we want.  How do we move from being reenactors to true actors in the great drama of salvation, especially when the demands of the moment drive us apart instead of together?