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Next Sunday


  • April 5, 2020
    • Next Sunday: Scripture: Luke 23:39-43; Message: “Emphatic Punctuation.”  Those who mock Jesus mock themselves as they display their lack of biblical knowledge.  Jesus, meanwhile, in unimaginable agony, quotes and clings to scripture as his tool of vindication.  If the word of God is only for the well and the well off, it is little more than a thin tissue, useless for a real cold, or, dare we say it, flu?  But in truth God’s word is a lamb in the darkness, a cloth to bind wounds or to apply a tourniquet, a balm for the weary, and a rope thrown out into the stormy season to save us.  Hallelujah, shouted the people as Jesus entered Jerusalem in triumph.  Save us, save us!  He’s saving us in the midst of the storm.