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  • January 21, 2018
    • Next Sunday: Scripture: 1 Corinthians 7:29-31; Message: "The Rules Just Changed."  Some have interpreted Paul's words in this brief selection as suggesting that since the world is coming to an end it is necessary to retreat from relationships, step away from human emotions, and forego earning a living.  Yet Paul was writing to Corinth, a major center of commerce.  It is more likely that Paul is suggesting that because the present form of this world is passing away, we live by the rules of God's kingdom now, even though others don't.  We don't treat marriage as a system of power and oppression.  We don't engage in cutthroat business practices at the expense of others.  We do not worship the idols of commerce and luxury, but work in order to live and serve each other.  The rules have just changed.  When Paul says, five times, we are to live "as if not" -- as if not married, as if not mourning, as if not rejoicing, as if not engaged in business or a relationship with this world, it is not because these things are not happening.  Christians must live in the world, yet not live as if this world were all there was.  Live by the rules of the Kingdom of God.  But keep living.  Keep loving.  Keep laughing.