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Next Sunday


  • December 6, 2020
    • Next Sunday:  Scripture: Isaiah 35:1-10 & Matthew 11:2-11.  Message: “Bare Bones Bier.”  There was a commercial some years ago about a product that was so easy “Even a caveman could do it.”  The caveman, far more sophisticated than he was given credit for, was insulted.  Isaiah says, “…no traveler, not even fools, shall go astray.” (Isaiah 35:8)  We are insulted if the term is applied to us.  But it is used here to suggest that the road back from exile will be so easy even we can’t get lost.  The exiles will return with God’s guidance.  In our age of GPS and Smart Phones we act as though it’s nearly impossible for us to get lost, but still, we do.  This verse suggests that with God’s good will those of us marching to Zion will get there, no matter how we insist we’re not going to ask for directions.