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Sunday School

Sunday School Classes for Adults


  • Sojourners: An adult class for any age. Visitors are especially welcome. They study from various books/videos and are located in the church library on the Lower Level. Currently studying: "Unconditional?: The call of Jesus to radical forgiveness."
  • Living Cornerstone: Age range from 20s-30s. They are studying "The People of the Bible" & "The Wired Word" and are located at the west end of the Lower Level.
  • Grace Seekers: Age range from 30s-40s, currently meeting with the Faithful Followers.
  • Faithful Followers: Age range 40s-early 50s. They are currently studying the video series "Not a Fan" with the Grace Seekers and are meeting in the sanctuary.
  • Pathfinders: Age range mid 50s - early 60s, currently meeting with the Partnership Class, studying "The Story."
  • Partnership: Age range in the 60s, currently studying "The Story" video series with the Pathfinders Class. Meeting at the east end of the Lower Level.
  • Semper Fidelis: Age range late 60s-70s. Studying the International Lessons: A Guide for Biblical Studies. Meet in Lower Level.
  • Christian Homebuilders/Golden Rule: Age range 80's + meet on the main level at the east end. They are studying the International Lessons: A Guide for Biblical Studies.