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February 12, 2023

Scripture: Matthew 6:24-34; Message: “Food, Water, Shelter, Clothing – and Jesus?”  There’s a list of Basic Needs that every person needs, as identified by various experts, for survival, things like Food, Water, Shelter, and Clothing.  After a natural disaster, even in a First World Developed country like our own, these are the needs that disaster relief agencies strive to provide, in order to help totally displaced and disoriented people begin to make sense of the world.  Often these folks have lost everything without any warnings.  Everything they owned has been destroyed, and with it any sense of safety and security.  Before we can think about faith, hope and the meaning of life, these need to be provided.  The Sermon on the Mount addresses poverty, sorrow, brutality, injustice, lack of mercy, impure hearts, war, persecution, and martyrdom, things which strike at the core of security.  Why then does Jesus throw us a curve by telling us, don’t worry?